The CPM presents various oral history and memory courses for on and off campus students.

Training modules include:

  • A 1st semester post-graduate course: ‘Oral History: Method and Practice and Theory’ (HST4034Z) which provides skills training in oral history interviewing and interpretation.
  • An under-graduate course ‘Memory, Identity and History’ (HST3037S) explores trauma and memory across case studies of the Holocaust, Apartheid and Rwanda, and the representation of trauma through oral history, films, photographs, cartoons and performances.
  • Short oral history courses for off-campus audiences such as archives, museums, NGOs and schools.

The CPM runs a seminar series called "Representations and politics of Memory." In the last two years this programme has attracted speakers such as Italian oral historian Prof. Alessandro Portelli; Curator of the National Museum of American History, Pete Daniel, Argentinian historian Florentia Levin and SA photographer Paul Weinberg.

The CPM internship has been running for 6 years, and more than 20 students have been mentored through the annual program that involves intensive training of oral history methodology, interviewing skills and transcription. We also encourage and offer thesis/dissertation supervision to students across disciplines.