Umqomboti, utywala & lucky stars: stories of liquor in Langa between 1930 and 1980

Listen to Langa residents describe their experiences of living in the township and memories of shebeens and unrest in the area.

Mrs Macozoma explains what it was like to go to the Pass office RM mp3
Mr Mxolose describes how the Langa community has changed RM mp3
Ms Bavuma discusses how she attended "afternoon spend"- Sunday socials at the community hall RM mp3
Mr Zibi explains how people were removed from Ndabeni to Langa township RM mp3
Mrs Nkhola , an ex shebeen owner speaks of owning a shebeen and making umqonboti (traditional beer) RM mp3
Mr Mblini explains that shebeens would foster political debates and other interesting discussions RM mp3
Mr Siyaka, speaking in Xhosa, describes what shebeens were like. RM mp3